Zinc plating of steel parts

Zinc plating of steel parts is performed on three automated plating lines with tight process parameters control. We can plate up to 500 tons of parts monthly.
Barrels have 2mm perforation and can be loaded up to 80kg. Rack plating system can plate parts as big as 2900x1000x350mm, weight 120kg.

  • blue, yellow or black passivation
  • thick layer passivation
  • additional applying of sealer
  • maximum corrosion resistance up to 720h (ISO 9227)
  • removing of hydrogen embrittlement with an intermediate phase treatment
  • spring material and machine elements zinc plating of quality 8.8 and more
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A constant control of the technological process according to ISO
standard and good organisation in the company gives us the
possibility to form market competitive prices.