Manganese phopshating

Manganese phosphate coatings are used for corrosion protection, anti-galling and lubricity. Of the numerous phosphate coating available, manganese phosphate coatings are the hardest, while providing unbeatable corrosion and abrasion protection. In comparison to zinc phosphate coatings, manganese phosphate coatings offer continued wear protection after the breaking in of components that are subject to wearing. These coatings are applied only by immersion. Uses for manganese phosphate applications include the production of bearings, bushings, fasteners and other common industrial products. Use of manganese phosphate is especially useful in projects that require sliding of parts, such as automotive engines and transmission systems.

We can work manganese phosphate in barrels or on racks (max dimension 1300x300x600mm). Parts are cleaned in ultrasonic bath and pickled (if necessary) in acid solution. After applying manganese phosphate coating, parts are immersed in oil emulsion to enhance corrosion resistance. For some materials we offer hydrogen deembrittlement after the proces of phosphating, to reduce the damage hydrogen could make.

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